Thursday, April 23, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Start Foraging NOW!

Why on earth would you eat the weeds in your yard?
Let me tell ya!

Health Benefits

There are some so-called 'weeds' that boast a higher nutritional content than kale, chard and spinach
Talk about your super foods!!!
Some 'weeds' also help aid in fighting allergies, healing wounds, boosting immune system functions, naturally!


Before food became industrialized, we were farmers.
Before we were farmers, we were hunter/gatherers.
We were nomads.
We survived off of the land and ate her bounty.
Nature gave us sustenance.
It's in our genes.
Right in our DNA.

100 Mile Challenge

Trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we adopted the 100 mile challenge.
But we're we did the 100 kilometer challenge.
But we went one step further.
Now we are trying out the 100 meter challenge!
Talk about a huge reduction in carbon emissions!!!
We walk in our yard and gather food.


The sight of food recalls (and their increased frequency) disturbs me to no end.
Our food production system is breaking down in an effort to over feed the nation.
Now the hot topic of "Organic" emerges.
What could be more organic that food from the forest or fields?
Nature gave us this food...and it hasn't been modified, treated, processed or sprayed.
What could be more natural than that?


Who can argue with free?
End of discussion.


When you eat wild food something comes over you.
You'll want to tell the whole world about it.
You'll be shouting from the rooftops.

Now you know why I started my business I EAT WEEDS.
I want to share my enthusiasm with everyone!!!

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